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Thread: Will never get this

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    Bottom line is that game was poorly managed. Offense - screen call from inside your own 10?? Defense - again with the soft cushions allowing easy 3rd down conversions. Spec Teams - a fake punt (brilliant call by S.D.) Coordinators and head coach alike sucked. This needs to stop. The worst part...this was at home.

    P.S. I saw one drop by Wallace and one by Brown. So lets not go there lol!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flame View Post
    Want Mike Tomlin to be shown the door.

    He isn't a gameday coach, just ****ing stands there, claps and doesn't ****ing do much else.

    Living off Cowher's reputation.

    Wish Cowher stayed on so 2008 was his year and legacy.

    Sadly not.

    2008 belongs to some **** that should be unemployed.
    And how do you know that? Do you have a personal camera and mic on the guy all game, every game? The minute and 30 seconds of game coverage where the camera is on him sure does not tell much.

    And honestly, 90% of the coaching by the HC is done during the week, not on game day. Unless you have a rare occasion where the HC is calling the defensive or offensive plays, the in game coaching is done by the coordinators/position coaches.

    And if you want to discuss Cowher's reputation, it was as the reincarnation of Marty Schottenheimer until we won the Super Bowl in 2005, which-other than us winning-was one of the least inspiring Super Bowl performances ever.

    If I had to rank them, Tomlin is probably on the higher end of average of the coaching scale (maybe 10-13). Definitely no Belichek, but a lot better than many. To imply that he is that miserably bad misses the mark. Like blaming Batch when we lost, it is a lot easier to blame the coach than the players you cheer for weekly. Tomlin did not drop one pass, miss one block, or leave a single guy open in coverage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    if you asked cowher what he thought of kordell stewart he would have called him a franchise QB and then ejaculated all of the podium back then...the franchise QB argument is dumb considering he was infatuated with kordell and stuck with him way to long
    Kordell is gay

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