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1. The inability to protect Ben. Ben can not be running around on every single play, just to make a play. Please. All we are asking is for about 3-4 seconds.

2. Mental mistakes, really Harrison/Troy? Offsides on back to back plays is bull ****ing ****

3. Mr. Haley, we have a fullback in Will Johnson, why are you NOT using him on 3rd/4th and shorts? Try to get ben into a rythym? Try a god damn screen once and awhile like they should have today to get some of the pressure off of Ben? Where the **** is Rainey at? We have a 6'5 receiver in Burress and you only give him two tsrget all game today when he made a hell of a catch at the beggining of the game.

4. Defense, can we please get off the ****ing field on a 3rd down? Not so much. The lack of turnovers this team fails to create is rediculous with the amount of payroll on that side of the ball. The front 7 besides Timmons has been subpar a lot this season. Yes even you Mr. Keisel.

5. Drops, by both Brown and Wallace today could have changed the game by the field position standard so our punter isnt always punting from the 10 yard line.

6. Offensive line- who the **** are you guys? One week your dominant, next week you flat out suck. Colon should never wear a steelers jersey again. Right now, I would rather see Starx/Pouncey/Legs/Decastro/Adams(when healthty). I know Pouncey is a beast at center, right now he is NEEDED at guard. Colon/Foster sucks ****ing balls.

Sorry for the rant. Had to get it out there.
The multiple drops in key situations by Wallace and the one by Brown really changed things! Think about the miraculous efforts Ben made on the two big drops (one by each) and if those had been caught it would have changed the game and it would have had people talking about Ben for MVP again......those drops were HUGE!