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heres what i would say from the past few weeks:

1 Travis Frederick OG Wisconsin (Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame)
Frederick would be an incredible LG to team up with Pouncey and Decastro on the inside.

Eifert is a jump ball phenom, he would be the successor to Heath but would be a big impact in the passing game from day one

2 David Amerson CB North Carolina State (Margus Hunt DE SMU)
Amerson is a classic CB to FS transition candidate...Rolle, Jenkins, ect....his ball skills are out of this world and hes a big hitter, hes been burned this year after having ridiculous pick numbers last year, but his fall from top 10 to second would be a great gift.

Margus Hunt is a physical freak, to play him in a 34 he could be like a mixure of JJ Watt and Calais Campbell

3 Chase Thomas OLB Stanford (Dennard Robinson, WR Mich)

Chase Thomas is a high effort pass rusher, hes relentless and excels at blitzing.

Robinson has trick play ability but would likely be a return man and he just has a dynamic in the open field that rivals hester or harvin

4 Aaron Murray QB Georgia (Montee Ball RB, Wisc)
Highest percentage passer in college football, could possibly be a starter one day but is an ideal backup QB. Better than colt mccoy could dream to be, and id take colt mccoy as a backup in a heartbeat.

Ball is a hard runner with terrific vision, i think hes a lot like chester taylor and would immediately be better than redman

5 Jon Bostic MLB Florida

Good MLB of the future, they will likely miss out on teo and skov if they want to target a MLB

just a few guys i like early in the process, im not quite where i usually am as far as grading prospects

Amerson Won't be there in the 2nd ... some team will fall in love with his tape from last year... unless we pick in the early middle of the 2nd round

I doubt Chase Thomas makes it to the 3rd either ... but I like Gerald Hodges better anyway

I could see another guard as I do not like Colon at Guard ... to many penalties ... I was thinking about putting one in somewhere ... but the Defense is just so deep this year, and need so much more help on that side of the ball ...

except I would love Eddie Lacey , but I like Phillip Thomas better ... watch his name rise as the draft process starts