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Hilarious. Calling people out for predicting a win, at home, against a 4-8 team travelling from the west coast to play a 1 pm game, a week after we beat Baltimore in Baltimore, without Ben. Hilarious. I admitted I was wrong about that first deep ball to Wallace, and Wallace actually had a very nice game. How come no bitching from anyone about AB? He was non existent, had a drop, failed to get his feet down on nice pass, and gave the Chargers a TD instead of recovering/falling on that fumble.

And I was pretty close on the Ben prediction. My prediction 280 and 2 TDs. He had 285 and 3 TDs.

People had every reason to be optimistic about this game. Just didn't go that way. This thread is much more idiotic than anyone's prediction.
ROFL, Wallace with garbage stats.

keep stroking your player, until he's gone in January.