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Thread: Cheer for the Bengals to beat the Cowboys

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    This week in the NFC East 2 wins Washington & Dallas. 2 losses NY and the Dream Team/Dynasty.

    I'd like to see the division come down to the last week with RGIII winning it at home. The more I watch him and listen to his interviews the more I like him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LarryNJ View Post
    I'd like to see the division come down to the last week with RGIII winning it at home. The more I watch him and listen to his interviews the more I like him.
    I'm REALLY liking RGIII this week ! If he can take out Baltimore I'd love him.

    I know it would require 3 losses by Baltimore for us to get the division, but that is a feasible scenario with their schedule. I could definitely see them losing to Wash, Denver, and NYG.


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    Nice if they win but, cheering for those pricks. No way Jose'. Now the Skins is another matter altogether. Cheer yes.

    And their fans.

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    how about we cheer for the boys and the bungles to tie?
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    A dumb thread. We complain all the time about the Steelers taking weak teams too lightly and this guy wants to assume-even guarantee- we will beat a good team (The Bungles) when we play them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big T View Post
    Absolutely not lol. Dallas beats Cincy (helps us), Dallas overly confident going into next week (helps us), we beat Dallas in Dallas (helps us), we beat Cincy in Pittsburgh (helps us)...

    What you said is literally the complete opposite of what every Steelers fan should want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
    I understand that. That's why I wrote this :

    Look, we don't need anybody else's help. We'll take care of Cinci ourselves in 2 weeks. That's all it's gonna take. (assuming we win the next four). Have some confidance for your team folks !

    In either scenario Cinci wouldn't make the playoffs - but if Dallas loses then THEY probably won't make the playoffs also. And any Steelers fan should always be happy when they see Dallas not make the playoffs !!!

    How does cheering for a divisional rival show confidence in your own team? You can't assume we're going to beat anyone this is the NFL. No one cares how much you hate Dallas that's not going to make us cheer for Cincy. This thread is a huge fail.

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    Bengals... vs. Cowboys (6-6), at Eagles (3-9), at Steelers (7-5), vs. Ravens (9-3)

    We want the Bengals to win one game.. against the Ravens

    Ravens.... at Redskins (6-6), vs. Broncos (9-3), vs. Giants (7-5), at Bengals (7-5)

    Ravens lose all 4 and spiral to the bottom of the division next year.....

    Steelers.... vs. Chargers (4-8), at Cowboys (6-6), vs. Bengals (7-5), vs. Browns (4-8)

    We win all 4 ... If we cant win these 4 we have no reason to be in the playoffs...

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    OP is crazy, go COWBOYS!

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