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Thread: Can the refs be any worse?

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    Can the refs be any worse?

    The refs were absolutley awful today. It was one of the biggest reasons for why we lost even though we really didn't deserve to win. They didn't call a single penalty on the Chargers until the second half when there were multiple plays with obvious pass interference or holding. Then don't even get me started on the Chargers defensive touchdown, how was that a backwards pass? Bring back the replacement officials....

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    Ya there were some blown calls, but not the reason we lost.
    Cleveland Browns suck!

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    When you give up 34 points to a 4-8 team (coming into today), you have much bigger problems than the refs.

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    There were charger players pushin guys down after the plays were dead, pass interfence several. completely missed just to name a few. I gave up watching the refs miss that stuff during the first half. And this was in our house. What gives with that?

    And their fans.

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    We lost as a team, starting from coaching on down. I don't blame the refs. This was putrid.

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    I agree that we didn't lose because of the refs and also agree they were terrible

    Holding calls? tons of contact in the secondary? my god it was bad

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