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He will receive more scrutiny than the other guys simply from his actions - holding out. If Sanders doesn't fumble that pefect pass thrown to himi by Batch, he is STILL running. Brown shouldn't have thrown the ball last week; should have kept it and took a small gain.

All the WR's are screwing up to a degree, but Wallace held out and has underperformed. On the other hand, he goes and makes a play in the Giants game that turned the game in the Steelers favor. As fans, we expect it, but we can't always have it both ways. I agree he opens it up for the other guys to get more involved, which is a plus, but he still has to find a way to get open and be relevant.
Hey a post about Wallace that makes sense and not just Pure Hate

I agree he has to find a way to get more involved even when they double team him...
but as far as underachieving not to sure I agree with that so much... I mean he's Statistically our best WR... and he's not the one that got a contract ...

But I agree all the WR need to step it up a little