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Thread: Can the team recreate the success of 2005?

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelersbabex25 View Post
    05 wasn't just success. It was magic.
    I agree, Giants and Packers don't hold a candle to what that Steeler team did in 2005 by being the first team in the history of the NFL to do it the hard way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
    There will never be another team like that 2005 team.......That is really a special team to me.......Winning three straight road games in the play-offs and then winning the Super Bowl was awesome......Plus it was the first Super Bowl win I experienced as a Steelers fan and really I could finally put Super Bowl XXX to All those years before 2005 I had to hear from my Grandfather, father, Uncles, about the 70s Steelers and how they always said these teams will never be like those 70s teams and blah blah blah.......Don't get me wrong I respect greatly what those 70s teams accomplished and the legacy they left behind but it was finally nice to have a Super Steelers team of my own especially after all those let downs in AFC title games and Super Bowl XXX......
    I agree man I am probably right around the same age as you dude in my early to mid 30's and to finally see this team get over the hump the way it did in 2005 was truly something being a diehard Steelers fan I will always remember and will always cherish. There are a lot of similarities between that team and this team this season the way it battled back from adveristy in mid to late November and then finally got on a roll in December and rolled from a 7-5 record. I think this team this year is certainly capable of doing the exact samething...

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