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It doesn't dominate to that level. Are you telling me that some people on this forum don't like Troy? Does that mean Rod Woodson sucked after he blew out his knee in 1995? Gotcha. Troy has a year or so of "sucking" built up before I have any problems with him.
The "what have you done for me lately" mentality is rampant in sports. In all levels of athletics: owners, coaches, fans, etc. It's pretty much human nature. We (fans, coaches, etc) want the best, all the time.

Anyway, I love Troy (why do you think I have the 43 in my name, lol) but I understand why some people may not. They may not like his play style, think he is overrated, whatever. It's all good. This is an internet forum for Steelers fans...just because we don't all agree on something (especially players!) doesn't make anyone's opinion invalid or make them any less of a Steelers fan. Everyone has their own opinion, to me that's what makes this forum special. People argue, butt heads, and disagree, but the love of this team is what brings us all together...and it's great! Everyone here is awesome, yes even Flame. I just felt like maybe you had the wrong impression of this forum.

Oh yeah,