After looking at the playoff picture it looks like we could have a decent chance of winning the division. Winning out would give us an 11-5 record and the Ravens still have to play @Redskins, Broncos, Giants, @Bengals. If the ravens were to lose 3 of these games which is very possible, especially with "t-sizzle" likely out with a torn bicep, we would have the divison. This could be huge because it would eliminate the possibility of having to go to Denver during Wildcard weekend. If the Ravens do win two of those games then we would be fightin the 5th or 6th seed. Most likely Denver will be in the 3 spot as they play raiders, ravens, browns and cheifs, so I see Peyton winning out. Indy plays the texans twice so it is very possible that both of these are losses. Us winning out is crucial to not having to go to Denver, which I think is our demise. It is also possible that the patriots end up in the 3 seed since they play both the texans and the 49ers. Truthfully, I think our best chance to win is to play the ravens or the colts. Winning out is extremely important for this team to either get the 4 or 5 seed.