This list is of players in bowl games this year, to keep a eye on that i think could fit in well on the steelers. Im not gonna have Te'o from Notre Dame on the list, because we are not getting him hes a top 5 pick unless we trade up not gonna happen. But this list might and probably will change when it gets closer to draft time. But this is no order in which i think they will take the players or whatever. Just want to make the list and see what you guys think of the players if they will fit in like i think they will. Also if any one else has players to watch out for that are playing in the BOWL GAMES add them!!


1.) Arthur Brown: OLB: Kansas State: HT-WT. 6'1-228; Plays Oregon

2.) C.J Mosley*: OLB: Alabama: HT-WT. 6'2-232; Plays Notre Dame

3.) Jarivs Jones*: OLB: Georgia: HT-WT. 6'2-242; Plays Nebraska

4.) Chase Thomas: OLB: Stanford: HT-WT. 6'4-248; Plays Wisconsin

5.) Kevin Minter*: ILB: LSU: HT-WT. 6'1-245; Plays Clemson

6.) Barkevious Mingo*: OLB: LSU: HT-WT. 6'4-240; Plays Clemson

7.) Luke Joeckel*: OT: Texas A&M: HT-WT. 6'6-310; Plays Oklahoma

8.) Jake Matthews*: OT: Texas A&M: HT-WT. 6'5-305; Plays Oklahoma

9.) Brian Winters: OT: Kent State: HT-WT. 6'5-310; Plays Arkansas State

10.) Kyle Long: OT: Oregon: HT-WT. 6'7-312; Plays Kansas State

11.) Kiko Alonso: ILB: Oregon: HT-WT. 6'3-242; Plays Kansas State

12.) Jon Bostic: ILB: Florida: HT-WT. 6'1-246; Plays Louisville

13.) Nico Johnson: ILB: Alabama: HT-WT. 6'2-245; Plays Notre Dame

14.) Gabe Jackson*: OG: Mississippi State: HT-WT. 6'4-320; Plays Northwestern

15.) Dee Milliner*: CB: Alabama: HT-WT. 6'1-198; Plays Notre Dame

16.) Jon Banks: CB: Mississippi State: HT-WT. 6'1-185; Plays Northwestern.

17.) Xavier Rhodes*: CB: Florida State: HT-WT. 6'1-217; Plays Northern Illinois

18.) Jon Adams: CB: Michigan State: HT-WT. 5'11-178; Plays TCU

19.) Bacarri Rambo: FS: Georgia: HT-WT. 6'0-210; Plays Nebraska.

20.) Kenny Vaccaro: FS: Texas: HT-WT. 6'1-218; Plays Oregon State

21.) T.J. McDonald: FS: USC: HT-WT. 6'2-205; Plays Georgia Tech

23.) Eric Reid*: FS: LSU: HT-WT. 6'2-212; Plays Clemson

24.) Matt Elam*: SS: Florida: HT-WT. 5'10-202; Plays Louisville

25.) Duke Williams: SS: Nevada: HT-WT. 6'1-200; Plays Arizona

26.) Robert Lester: SS: Alabama: HT-WT. 6'2-212; Plays Notre Dame

27.) Phillip Thomas: SS: Fresno State: HT-WT. 6'1-215; Plays SMU

28.) Kawann Short: DT: Purdue: HT-WT. 6'3-315; Plays Oklahoma State

29.) Everett Dawkins: DT: Florida State: HT-WT. 6'2-304; Plays Northern Illinois

30.) Damontre Moore: DE: Texas A&M: HT-WT. 6'4-250; Plays Oklahoma

31.) Dion Jordon: DE: Oregon: HT-WT. 6'6-243; Plays Kansas State

32.) Margus Hunt: DE: SMU: HT-WT. 6'7-280; Plays Fresno State

33.) Eddie Lacy*: RB: Alabama: HT-WT. 5'10-220; Plays Notre Dame

34.) Jon Franklin: RB: UCLA: 5'10-198; Plays Baylor

35.) Le'Veon Bell: RB: Michigan State: 6'2-244; Plays TCU

36.) Robert Woods*: WR: USC: 6'1-190; Plays Georgia Tech

37.) Conner Vernon: WR: Duke: 6'1-200; Plays Cincy

38.) Cody Hoffman*: WR: BYU: 6'3-215; Plays San Diego State