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Thread: You know what this game reminds me of..........

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    You know what this game reminds me of..........

    It reminds me of a game on a DVD after a team wins the SB. Not saying that we will win it or anything outrageous like that yet. It is just one of those games that turns the season for a team. It was a statement made by a team who is on the playoff hinges that had no chance in hell to beat a team who has had a 16 game home win streak. A game where the major under dog had it's 38 year old 3rd string QB playing and beating the bully in the last seconds of the game. That is how huge this game was. They came through. I expect when Ben comes back, the pedal is to the floor with this team.

    We are getting healthy at the right time, except for Ike. This is just a good night.

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    Its a win that really pulls a team together to go on a championship run..........This is the first time all season that I saw this team look like a band of brothers like they did in 2005, 2008, 2010............

    2005-Tthe Steelers had to win out just to capture the 6th seed and that carried them the entire way to a Super Bowl title.....

    2008-With injuries to Ben and also all the BS with Goodell trying to stick it to the Steelers defense....I'll never forget after the Steelers beat down the Redskins on Monday night football that year and the Steelers defense just raped Jason Campbell all game but after that game Goodell said the Steelers defense plays to aggressive and hits to violently or something to that effect....That is really when all the BS flags started come against the Steelers........The defense just continued to roll that year to another Super Bowl title....

    2010-Ben being suspended for the first four games the Steelers start 3-1......Then of course more BS from Goodell against Harrison......Then of course Ben playing through injuries again that season......Another Super Bowl appearance....

    2012?.........Story still to be told but I wouldn't bet against this team in the play-offs with a healthy a Big Ben....Talk about another battled tested team just like those three teams mentioned above......

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