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Thread: Right now..Where is your head at with this team?

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    Right now..Where is your head at with this team?

    I"m resigned to the idea that the season is over. I don't want Ben coming back risking his long term health. I want to look at the young guys;prepare our draft position and I want the front office to seriously consider using free agency to fill a couple of areas of real need. I want the front office to possibly contemplate a head coach change too. I just don't see leadership and accountability of the players to Tomlin. That's where my thinking is right now.

    Where is your head at right now?
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    Right now..Where is your head at with this team?

    I definitely don't think this season is over yet. There's a chance that a lot of key guys will come back this week but I agree that Ben better be pretty close to 100 percent if he's going to play.

    I also agree that the young talent on this team and free agency can fill some holes on this team. As for Tomlin, I still think he's the man for the Job. In my opinion he takes a lot if criticism that Should be more targeted at the players themselves.

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    I'm disgusted with the loyalty to the older players at this point ...

    you got Heyward and McClendon on the bench who the D-line seems much better when they're in the game, but yet they still go with the Old guys ...

    Worilds has played great but doesn't see snaps cause they let injury prone Woodley and old man Harrison get all the snaps ... keep them guys fresh by rotating

    Why keep all the Old Man QB's when we had decent younger backups??? ... Loyalty

    how do they keep getting burned by putting Larry Foote man2man against a RB... no play should ever be designed where he is man2man on a RB

    but all that said, they still got a chance...and if you got a chance you go for it, never fold ... especially with the way the D has been playing if you get Ben back your a Superbowl contender

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    if ben can play he needs to play...same goes for everyone, like decastro. the season is not lost quite yet, the AFC is pretty weak

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    I think the Steelers will lose this week (No Ben Factor), but once he returns, they will make a run, finish 10-6 and make some noise in the playoffs. Back when they were 1-3, I said they would finish 10-6. They get healthy, NFL BEWARE!

    A better question might be where are the Steelers players heads at this point? What do they feel / believe?

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    Right now..Where is your head at with this team?

    Lose this game we finish 8-8, win and it sparks a run deep! Getting healthy at the right time is key!!

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    Our injuries have come at the worst time. If we could get completely healthy we could do damage in the AFC but I just dont see that happening. My nightmare, we end up 8-8 or 9-7 miss the playoffs and get a mid-low (17-18) draft pick.

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    I'm not making SB plans but the season is far from over because it's a weak conference. Once you make the playoffs we've seen what could happen with us, GB & Giants all getting rings. With a healthy Ben, and team in general I'd like our chances in Jan.

    If Ben can play he should, if he needs another week give it to him. You have to trust the doctor. I laugh at some of the Tomlin bashing. Of course there's many things to criticize about his decisions and that's all fine and good. But some of the comments are just simply ignorant. I don't go for the you need a disciplinarian as a HC. Today's players are much different and need to be handled differently. Look at the CBA and practice schedules. They are pampered, being a screaming maniac doesn't mean that the players will respond.
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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    if ben can play he needs to play...same goes for everyone, like decastro. the season is not lost quite yet, the AFC is pretty weak
    This......Plus as we have seen in years past its just getting hot at the right time and making a run in the play-offs......It depends if Ben comes back soon.......

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