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Thread: What is it with Harbaugh's and post game handshakes..

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    What is it with Harbaugh's and post game handshakes..

    Another Harbaugh, another handshake controversy.

    Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh was involved in a testy handshake with Mike Tomlin on Sunday, moments after the Pittsburgh Steelers last-second win in the bitter division rivalry.

    Harbaugh said "congratulations" as the two met at midfield following Shaun Suisham's game-winning field goal at time expired. Tomlin, who was jogging and looked disinterested in exchanging pleasantries, stabbed at Harbaugh's hand from a distance, grabbed it briefly and continued on his way without breaking stride. He wanted the run-off handshake.

    But Harbaugh didn't let go and pulled Tomlin back toward him, while saying, "hey, hey, hey I said congratulations." He had the tone of a mother reminding her son to say "thank you."

    A bemused Tomlin didn't resist. He reluctantly came back to Harbaugh, said "thank you, good job," and ran away. Not that we ever want to assign a thought to another person, but it's not too much of an assumption to say Tomlin may have been thinking something else. His eyes said it all during the brief moment he and Harbaugh made eye contact.
    Video in the link.

    Tomlin seemed like he needed to get out of there in a hurry.

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    I don't know, but it sure did put a smile on my face. :-)

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    Maybe Tomlin is sick of John Harbaugh's arrogance. I'd rather he make a hasty exit than get fined for punching Harbaugh in the face.
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    What is it with Harbaugh's and post game handshakes..

    Harbaugh and his whole team can F off! They all take on his personality which isn't a good thing!

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    My guess is Harbaugh wanted to give Tomlin the "Congratulations you finally beat us" quip. Good for Tomlin. Harbaugh reaps what he sows. You want respect? You look a guy in the eye, shake his hand, and congratulate him sincerely win or lose. I am sure Harbaugh will complain or comment: " I tried to shake his hand and he did not tell me I should have won." Touche.

    I live just outside of Baltimore, I can't wait to hear the excuses fly. This is GOLDEN.

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    I posted this a few weeks ago that Harbaugh came out after he beat us here in post game press conference and the first thing he said real arrogant and totally insincere was congratulations to the Steelers and then like 1 second later he said congratulations to our team. Tomlin hears all of Harbaugh's smart *** comments and his locker room speeches of saying that they were the tougher team two weeks ago. He also remembers him running up the score on opening day last season with the fake extra point 2 point conversion. I for one loved it and have so much more respect for Tomlin after doing this. What did John Harbaugh expect or want?? Did he expect Tomlin to kiss him or something when he tried to pull him back?? It was great and a thing of beauty and I for one loved it...

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    Next time a hand zapper and a pillow for Harbitch. F him and F the Rats! Hahahahahahaa,yeah buddy!

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    Loved it. Check out the Rat fans' reactions here... Tomlin is apparently a classless jerk for this lol...

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    I wish Tomlin would have crushed Harbaughs hand until he broke it

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    Quote Originally Posted by LatrobePA View Post
    Harbaugh and his whole team can F off! They all take on his personality which isn't a good thing!
    totally agree.
    The Steeler the only way.

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