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Thread: Game Ball Goes To....

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    To me. I never gave up. I cheered really hard. I cried. I think I stubbed my toe at some point, I can't be sure exactly when that happened. It could have been after I spilled my beer or before. I cannot recall, the emotions and action was intense.

    Leaving me out, I give the ball to Batch. Miller did what he does, Harrison is back in partial top form which is what we expect, and Suishi is expected to make those kicks (not to belittle his skill, just putting the kick in perspective). Batch is third-string QB plaing against a 12,348.5 and 0 divisional rival who has not lost a home since Jesus was born. Batch went in and got it done.

    Batch is the man. I give him two game balls.

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    Imagine if Sanders holds onto his fumble and goes in. We're talking a 300 yard passing day and 2 TD performance.
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    Cortez and Worilds.. Good job...

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