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    New Here!

    Hey there everyone! New member, but not new to the forum. Been reading on here for a while just never registered. Was part of another forum a couple years back but it was changed to a pay for membership format so I left and never joined a new forum. Decided I missed it this year so I am back.

    I became a Steelers fan in elementary school soon after meeting Aaron Smith when he was in college. Saw he and Joey Porter got drafted and decided I would like the Steelers because they drafted 2 guys from close to where I lived. Plus I hated the Broncos for no good reason.

    I am most interested in the offseason (draft/free agency) don't know why, I just am. It is hard for me to not look to the next offseason before the 4th preseason game. On the old board I did not post much but I look forward to having great discussions with you all here!
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