Please help me out! I will be visiting Pittsburgh for 3 days from Dec 7-10 for some shopping with the gf. We're going to be driving 4-5 hours south of Toronto. We both love sports so we thought we'd check out a live NFL game for the first time since it's rated one of the top things to do in Pitts. The Chargers will be visiting Pitts on that Sunday afternoon. Being a complete newbie, I have a few questions:

1. From my research, the Chargers are an exciting team yes? Big Ben should be back in 2 weeks right? That means the game should be worth going to right?

2. What is the best place to buy tickets online?? I heard of but have no idea how legit it is. Also I see ticketmaster and ebay but all of them seem expensive.

3. Secondly, what prices should I be looking for? Is $100 for Level 500 seats good or bad?

4. Alternatively, should I go 1 hour early and buy off scalpers instead???

5. Is it recommended to drive there or should I take public transportation???

Thanks so much guys!!!