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Thread: Ravens win in OT can clinch the division next Sunday...

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    They had a very generous spot on that play as well, but anyway...Division might be out of reach, but keep in mind the Rats still need to play Denver, Giants, Redskins and Cincy. . .this ain't over yet folks. They couls easily go 2-3 or worse in that stretch, but again, not likely. Steelers need to focus on the wildcard at this point and that's OK - we've been down this road before. This, of course is hoping Ben comes back next week after the Ravens game.

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    Ravens win in OT can clinch the division next Sunday...

    All this team has to do is get healthy headed into the PO's. we've yet to see what we can do with all the starters in..

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    I agree, go with Batch against the Rats, get Ben healthy and hopefully he is healthy by the Chargers game, then try like a hell for a wildcard. The way this season has gone, something eventually has to fall the Steeler's way. The bad luck and play has been ridiculous.

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    I don't think the Ravens are as good as their 9-2 record. They have been very luck in quite a few close games where as we have been unlucky through stupid calls and some seriously stupid play.

    Talent for talent I still think the Steelers are a much better team then the sh*t birds. With how banged up we were, last weeks game came down to the end with a seriously gimped QB.

    We most likely have no shot at the division now but still have a good shot at the post season. The D is looking good now, the O has been coming together with the new system (with BB in) so I am hoping to get a healthy BB back, get into the playoffs no matter what seed it is at this point and see what happens. If we can get that I am pretty damn excited if we make the playoffs and more excited for next year if the roster and system doesn't change much bow that it's coming together.

    I don't think there is any elite team right now, not even Atlanta or Texas or GB. There is so much parody that even teams that have great records right now are all up and down and squeaking out a lot of their wins.

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