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Thread: Could we not have just picked up a free agent QB while Ben is out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
    Not according to TarlsQtr its silly Yea that vet experience is really paying off these past two Again I repeat the Steelers will get an extra pick for losing Mike Wallace in free agency....He won't resigned and I doubt the Steelers will franchise him now....Use that extra third round pick on a young QB........

    Matt Flynn was traded to the Seahawks and he didn't receive much playing time behind Rodgers.......The Steelers backup probably will receive playing time since Ben will probably miss a game or two a season....which is his norm......
    The "silly logic" was implying that the drafting of Gibson means the pick would not be wasted, as if picking a backup QB would be more of a sure thing than a linebacker.

    Also, Wallace will be an UFA this off-season with no draft pick compensation if he signs elsewhere.

    And there is no such thing as an "extra pick" anyway. You have the picks you have. A second third round pick comes with the same opportunity cost as the original, as you are forgoing the next possible starting linebacker, safety, running back, etc. for a man that will hold a clipboard for 4 years before leaving to another team.

    Finally, let's say you are correct and the Steelers backup will get a game or two a year. You are talking about a kid who only sees snaps in LaTrobe coming in and bailing out the team in weeks 11 and 12? LOL

    Flynn was a 7th rounder, not a third or fourth as you would have us use. I would also point out that he beat out Brian Brohm for the Packers backup QB spot, a SECOND rounder. In other words, even using a pick that high can result in getting crap.

    Flynn left as a free agent (no treasure trove of compensation for the Packers) and cannot even start for the Seahawks.

    Now, let's play hypothetical.

    Is there anyway you see a rookie backup QB winning a game where his team fumbled five times (not to mention all the holding penalties)? No way.

    Batch did not do anything exemplary to win the game but he is not the reason we lost. The entire OFFENSE sucked and he is just a scapegoat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lancer89074 View Post
    Yes, holding the clipboard is an essential duty of a Pittsburgh Steeler quarterback. Makes you wonder why Batch and Leftwich were kept on the roster all of these years. The Niners have Kaepernick and we have those guys.
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    I just posted this in another thread but it needs to be here too:

    Let's put Batch's performance in perspective. Here are some of the down and distances he had to deal with in their drives:


    Charlie did not put himself in all of those 2nd or 3rd and forever situations and no third string QB in the league would have gotten the team out of them.

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    Batch wound up completing 20-of-34 for 199 yards, with no touchdowns, three interceptions and a passer rating of 38.7

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    I think we should also be looking at the waiver wire for a running back. God they were all awful yesterday.

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