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Thread: What is up with Haleys game plan?

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    What happened to Ben for MVP talk based on this OC?

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    Minus Ben, Minus AB, Minus Adams, Minus Colon.. Lets take Dwyer and Redman out of the game because im MT....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stairwayto7 View Post
    First Ben was dinking and dunking earlier in the season but when we put Leftwich and Batch in he gets away from it? He did use some today but not til the 3rd Q.

    Also twice deep to Wallace, one was picked and one hit defender in the helmet, so both should have been picked. Why do we think Charlie can wing it more than 40 yards?

    The throw to Plaxico that got picked? No way Batch can throw a deep out in this league, not at 38!!!!!!

    If I were calling the plays Heath would have had 15 catches, the last drive I would have kept feeding him the ball, make them stop him.

    The Rainey TD, LUCKY, why send Rainey up the gut on goal line?
    ^ charlie Batch was bad in his prime, and u ask about Haleys play call....u either Run the ball and gain 0 yds as the D has 10 men in the box, or u pass with batch and no receivers......

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    Listen.....I'm not blaming Haley, you can not build anything if you don't have serviceable parts. Ben getting hurt did the Steelers in, not to mention Antonio Brown. That's like the Pats without Brady and Welker, the Giants without Eli and Cruz, etc.
    It's not easy replacing a franchise QB. I firmly believe the Steelers would be 8-3 right now if those injuries do not happen, but they I'll just grin and bear it. I know the mantra is next man up but how many injuries can a team sustain in one season without going under? It's a wonder they only lost by six with seven turnovers and scrubs in at key positions.

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    What is up with Haleys game plan?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nolrog View Post
    What happened to Ben for MVP talk based on this OC?
    Lmao you really didn't just post this did you? Freaking BB has been out the past two weeks! That **** went out the door!

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    OC is like a crew chief and you can only do so much and a lot depends on the man driving the car.

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