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Thread: Tomlin philosophy on running back turnovers: Fumble, get replaced, rinse and repeat...

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    Tomlin philosophy on running back turnovers: Fumble, get replaced, rinse and repeat...

    Let's see if I get this right:

    Mendenhall fumbles, replaced by Redman
    Redman fumbles replaced by Dwyer
    Dwyer fumbles replaced by Chris Rainey
    Rainey fumbles replaced by Johnson

    Then... Sanders fumbles

    Then.. Mendy fumbles replaced Will Johnson.

    So Tomlin decides to go with Rainey for the majority of the 2nd half.

    Toss in 3 Charlie Batch interceptions and viola, welcome to your Steelers offense.
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    How could he know though? I would have benched Mendenhall after that fumble as well. I mean, we were supposed to have 4 good RBs, so you have to play another if the first is not up to the task.
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    Yeah, but nothing kills confidence like yanking a guy. Keep him in. We needed somebody to develop some rhythm.

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    Tomlin blew this game...

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    I have no problem that Tomlin held people accountable for their ****** play and rotated the RBs to find one that didn't have his head up his *** today.

    I do agree, though that he should have pulled Batch and put in that kid they just signed. Normally I wouldn't be for that, but it would have sent a very strong message to the team. It's time we find another back up guy, someone like Lefty was 5 or 6 years ago, that was not quite good enough to start but could hold the team together for a couple weeks if he had to. Oh, and wasn't made of balsa wood as well.

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    Tomlin philosophy on running back turnovers: Fumble, get replaced, rinse and repeat...

    Tomlin screwed the pooch today! He shattered each of the RB's confidence! He's gotta just say f it and pick a starter, this method is fn the gel up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by coldrolled View Post
    Tomlin blew this game...
    come on!! it's not like we Turn the ball over like this every week....bad day on offense with bad QB and beat up receivers...the browns were begging us to do anything on O and we are NO matchup against their D on the road with our was an aberration like week one last yr with turnovers, no biggie, it's just 6 seed again and i dont like our chances

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    How about a coach "coaching" his players to carry the ball "high and tight". In honesty this has been a topic for 4 years now. Does everyone see this but Tomlin?

    Much like Buddy Ryan punched Kevin Gilbride, Dick LeBeau should have clocked Todd Haley.

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    I don't agree with what tomlin did if a guy fumbles you have to stay with him to show you have confidence

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    Neither Bill Parcells, Chuck Noll, nor Bill Belichek ever gave one sh!+ about someone's "confidence" and would have pulled the backs as well. With the effing money they make, they should be out of football if their egos are so fragile that being benched will shatter their "self-confidence."

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