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Thread: Is there hope for Mike Adams?

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    Dude has been a mauler in the run game and struggled a bit in pass protection, but he has been in no way terrible. The man gave up one sack against the giants, which is solid as hell considering the fact that Justin Tuck or JPP were on him all game. He gave up one sack against the Bengals, again solid when going against Michael Johnson/Carlos Dunlap. He shut down Ryan Kerrigan. And he did a hell of a job against Justin Houston. Sure he's struggled at times, but people have to remember that he's a rookie who just made what, his 6th start? He hasn't even seen everything and sure as hell hasn't gotten his technique down. Like others hae said, his problems arent physical. They're mental issues that come with being a rookie, and are completely coachable. He's going to be a damn good tackle in this league.

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    jesus does everyone have to be joe thomas or a pro bowler to not get picked on he's doing fine

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    I'm convinced that if we were 10-0 and first in every team and individual stat catagory the some people would still whine and complain man oh man it's gross

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    Adams has been playing fairly well. He's pretty solid in the run blocking (run game picked up when he got in there) but struggles in the pass game. Overall, he's been a solid contributor, and I'm very optimistic on his future.

    To even ask if he's a bust at this point in his career (not even a half season of starts in his rookie year) is ludicrous.

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    He has been solid since he was put into the starting role. He has struggled like everyone else on the line this season at times just like Pouncey has.. He will be fine, Dont make it sound like he has a bad game every game lol.

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    Way too early to call him a bust. Let's check back on this in week#14 of the 2013 season.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stone View Post
    He has been horrid on pass blocking all year......absolutely horrid!

    I know he's a rookie and all but I have never seen anyone as inept as he is at pass blocking.
    Are you new to football? Go watch some tape of Robert Gallery playing LT as a rookie... or check out Gabe Carimi in Chicago this year.

    Adams has bad technique... he needs to be coached up. but he's nowhere near "horrid"

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    Is there hope for Mike Adams?

    I'm a huge Adams fan, his last game want pretty but far from terrible!
    "Happy Happy Happy"

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    Re: Is there hope for Mike Adams?

    These are the growing pains of a rookie Tackle. He was improving during the 3 game win streak, then in the KC win and Baltimore loss he just got completely owned.

    I'm interested to see if Tomlin gives Gilbert his job back.

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    Hope not, no offense to Gilbert. But the curent group is building chemistry, which is an understated trait of an O-line.

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