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Thread: DeCastro cleared to practice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
    Happy Happy Joy Joy.....Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't see DeCastro starting right away either unless Colon keeps up his terrible play of late and Colon has been back to committing penalties......Colon was playing well for a few weeks but the last couple weeks he has been BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He has to be leading the league in holding penalties. . .

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    We will see if Tomlins philosophy of "players cant lose their job due to injuries" or this only holds true for a select group......If the Guy is ready to play put him in there, he was better than Foster before the injury what changes that?????DD66 is a mean fast pulling RG that will only help the Running Game Misdirects to the Left will be awesome......His quickness may also help Adams in certain instances freeing up Heath....

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    Get him ready for our 6th seeded run...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity View Post
    No way on God's green earth that DeCastro will start, nor should he start. Foster has been carrying the load all year long and the unit is getting better overall as they get more time together.

    . . .

    I'll be happy to wait until 2013 when he's able to compete and of course likely win that RG job.

    I disagree. Foster has been playing well, that's true and I don't want to upset the chemistry that this line has generated. However, I think it's important that DeCastro get some time in there so he knows what he's up against and what he needs to do to prepare for next year. If he doesn't see the field until 2013 then that will be a big mistake.

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    depending on adams and gilbert foster may have to kick out to RT

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    I bet DeCastro gets some playing time this year now. Oline is to banged up. I want to see what this kid is going to bring to this run/pass game.

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    I'd be quite happy if he didn't play till next year.
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    Re: DeCastro cleared to practice.

    With DC activated today we might get too see him this year, but for me hopefully it's not this weekend. If Adams can't go then Foster moves to RT and Legs to RG.

    Happy as hell though to get Decastro back available again.

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    I think he has a chance to play as soon as this week against the Ravens. If he is healthy and ready to go and the medical staff feels he is in no danger being out there then you play him next week and make this o-line better. You drafted this guy first for a reason get him out there for the rest of the season and get him ready for the stretch run. This can do nothing but help the Steelers o-line for the rest of the season in my opinion. We will see what Tomlin says about Decastro tomorrow at his press conference...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity View Post
    then Foster moves to RT and Legs to RG.
    Even with no practice and being on the sidelines all season, DeCastro is a preferable option to Legs at guard.

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