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Thread: Game 11, Steelers vs Browns, 11/25/2012, 1pm

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    Maybe the Steelers won't get embarrassed on national TV next week.

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    That was the most inept/sickening display of Offense I have seen in a long time.
    5 fockin fumbles!!! and 3 lame duck interceptions!! I thought it was gonna be bad
    but they exceeded my expectations on this fiasco. Oh boy,we're in deep **** now
    as if no one knew that anyway.... The hilarious thing is they were in this game
    until the very end and even had the lead at halftime. LMFAO! I thought the D played
    pretty good overall but the O was pathetic. Batch's floating duck balls could have
    competed against the best that the Outdoor Channel has to offer. I'm pissed but
    have come to terms with the fact that this season is all but over,who even gives
    a **** if we make the playoffs?! Are you fockin kidding me?? Playoffs?? LMFAO!

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