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Thread: going to game in cleveland

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    going to game in cleveland

    For me this game is personal. I know everyone hates the Ravens and they've become our most hated rival. But not for me. Hard to look at the Browns since weve basically owned them since they came back into the league. But believe it or not, they are getting better. They should have beaten Dallas on sunday.I grew up here in northeast ohio and totally hate the Browns. And those of you that live here, know what i'm talking about.

    The first game i ever went to when i was 13, i was at the old municipal stadium decked out in steelers garb. Had guys throwing beer on me etc. There fans are the most obnoxious jagoffs in the world. These guys were plastering stuff on my fb when bigben got hurt last year vs the Browns.

    Ya a win vs the Browns would just be another day at the office. But a loss would be devastating and embarrasing. I was at the game in 2009 in the freezing cold when we lost 13-6 to Brady quinn. Nothing ever good comes after a loss to the Browns. Usually no playoffs.Losing to the expansion Browns in 1999 was probably my lowest point ever as a steelers fan. The team went on a tailspin after, think went 1-7 the rest of the season to finish 6-10.

    Personally i like where the Browns are or have been. Nice and ******. Lets keep it that way.
    Cleveland Browns suck!

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    going to game in cleveland

    Start warming up, they could use you at QB! Lol, enjoy the game!

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