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Thread: Didnt know that the Refs were a new team we had to defeat

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    Didnt know that the Refs were a new team we had to defeat

    Quote Originally Posted by terrible.towel43 View Post
    Larry Foote tripping?
    This one wowed me too... lol

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    I am re-watching the game and if somebody could explain the difference between the block in the back on AB's last called back touchdown and the one the Ravens game that they didn't call I would like to hear it..looked the same to me.

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    I think bad calls typically even out over the course of a season, and, yes, there were some in this game. I missed the block in the back in real time. The call that mystified me, as others have asserted, was the "tripping" call on Larry Foote. That was probably one of the dumbest calls I have seen. Larry was face down and the Ravens player tripped over his feet the same way it happens on, IDK, EVERY play. This is JMO, but I think most of the referees are too old and too slow to be officiating a game that is so fast. And I'm not just talking slow in terms of ability to "run with" the players. I am talking slow in terms of visual acuity and ability to process and react to incoming data. It's a trade-off of experience, I guess, but I can't believe some of these guys continue to be working as officials.

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    I don't think the refs can be blamed for the loss to the Ravens and they gave the Steelers the game against the Chiefs. The tripping call on Foote did not surprise me a bit. I have seen that called a few times before and it always looks the same - defender misses the tackle and whips his leg around trying to hit the ball-carrier. That's what I saw Foote do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clevelandsux View Post
    i guess they missed a block in the back on that jones return. But i'm going to blame the loss on our coaches. ****** game plan, play calling, clock mismanagement and for tomlin to stick with leftwich when he wasn't playing well and was injured.
    Amen to that. I'm also pissed at Leftbitch for putting himself before the team knowing damn well he was too injured to play.

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    Please shut the hell up, blaming the refs is for Ratbird fans/Pats fans.

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    There do seem to be a hight numer of questionable calls going against us at the wrong time. But there are no excuses. And I agree, Tomlin keeping in Lefty is what cost us the game. He couldn't throw a 20 yard pass!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Airbrush1 View Post
    Watching the Refs pushing us back and back , I thought to my self where did this new Black and white striped team come from? They re must be super tuff, they can defeat us by throwing those little flags at us and dont even have to wear pads.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperSteelers View Post
    Amen to that. I'm also pissed at Leftbitch for putting himself before the team knowing damn well he was too injured to play.
    When did the Rooney's make Lefty the head coach? I missed that.

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