Did anybody here this ******* once again after the game. The first thing he said was congratulations to the Steelers for a great effort and then he was like and congratulations to our team. He pretty much took a cheap shot at the Steelers acting like they had no chance to win because of Ben being out of the lineup with that comment. It was totally insincere in my opinion and it just goes to show how much of an arrogant ******* Harbaugh is. I mean who says that to start off a press conference congratulates the team that loss first?? I just thought it was a cheap shot and it made it sound like the Steelers had no chance to win without Ben. Well Ill tell you something Harbaugh you were damn lucky Ben didnt play because had it not been for that punt return by Jones that saved your *** the Ravens would have lost to a QB who pretty much played with broken ribs and couldnt throw the ball to save his life the entire game.

I really wanna beat these ****ers in 2 weeks in Baltimore and even this division race up. The Steelers need to return the favor to the Ravens in a few weeks. I am praying the Chargers beat them this week and we win in Cleveland and this deficit in the division goes back to 1 game. Hopefully Ben will be back for that 2nd Ravens game next Sunday and we can return the favor to these *******s especially Harbaugh. The Steelers were the last team to beat the Ravens at home in December of 2010 and it's time to end that 16 game win streak and beat these ****ers on their own field and get some payback for last night and the last 2 years.