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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenous Rex View Post
    Joe flacco sucks again? Flacco did what he needed to to win the game. I was almost hoping the Steelers would score, forcing Cam to let Joe air it out. We got a lead, and played UBER conservative, knowing we could stop Leftwich, and for YOU that translates to Joe sucking "again." LOL. Just like all the times Roethlisberger SUCKED but was praised anyway when the steelers would win on the strength of defensive touchdowns and special teams.

    I like reading this site, and found it surprisingly humble this past week... But your view towards flacco in general on here makes it extremely enjoyable to get a win. Keep disrespecting the man who has won three straight in Heinz Field. All he does is what it takes to win. Period.
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    Funny we couldn't find this turd after the Texans beat the dog snot out of the Ravens.
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    Ravens game plan last night was to manage the game and not taking any risks that would cause turnovers.

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