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Where were the turnovers? What happened to the defense that used to make splash plays? They may be number 1 as far as yards and points go, but championship defenses make splash plays. Right now the Steeler defense is a paper defense.

I know what your response is "But Troy is out!!!!!" There are 31 other teams that don't have a Troy Polamalu. How many of those defenses force more turnovers than the Steelers?
I agree with you about the defense needing to force more turn overs and making game changing plays.....Its really my problem with the defense even going back to the last Super Bowl appearance........But the defense didn't lose that game last night.......Special teams gave up a punt for a TD and the fumble by Wallace gave the Ravens 10 points......Tomlin played not to lose when not going for the TD when he settled for 3.....