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Thread: Ben being out lost this game for the Steelers...

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    Wallace didn't. have a good game. I am blaming Tomlin for his lack of coaching.

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    If Ben is in we probably win, Lefty should have been pulled not sure if that falls on Haley or Tomlin. If you have no faith in healthy Batch then why is he on roster?? Haley's game plan could have been better but I don't fault him for this loss, the execution should have been better. I'm real tired of seeing our receivers not giving it their all on passes, get dirty guys that's what yuor paid for.

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    I feel the same way. The D played a tremendous game and if Ben had been in we would have shredded them. I was hoping we would at least spilt with them this year but it looks like we are handing the divison to them on a silver platter and better enjoy being a wild card. I just feel we are such a better team right now. And nothing to show for it. Frustrating.
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    Steelers win this easily with Ben in the game. Ravens are a ****-poor team right now. Steelers really blew an opportunity tonight.

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    I was not impressed with the rats at all, Ben would have ate their lunch. This has just been the worse case scenario at the worst possible time. Its a shame really, Ben was having a good year.

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    if we had a solid backup, we still could have won. i would have started batch anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnakeEyes43 View Post
    I ducked most of the Wallace talk this year, but yeah I'm starting to get pretty sick of Wallace. He makes one play a game and gets defended every week. In my humble opinion, we would be much better off with hungry players like Sanders, Brown, and Cotchery who give 100 percent no matter what. Wallace is timid and has no heart.
    His actions are vaguely like Desean Jackson's last year. Told you would have been better to move him. He only cares about money now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Real Deal Steel View Post
    His actions are vaguely like Desean Jackson's last year. Told you would have been better to move him. He only cares about money now.
    If that were the case then I'd imagine you'd see more effort than he gave last night. Wallace has played pretty well most of the year (outside of the Bengals game most notably), but last night was pathetic. I don't know exactly what his deal was last night, but it was the first game I've seen where he just didn't seem into it. I don't know where his head's at, at the moment, but we're obviously gonna need more than that if we are gonna win some ball games. And he knows he's gonna have to do better if he wants to get paid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
    Tomlin lost this game....Haley lost this game.........Mike Wallace lost this game...I have defended him over and over but he was flat out terrible tonight and really had **** poor effort tonight.......
    The ravens are lucky... playing without AB was really the killer, and Ben of course.

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    Ben being out lost this game for the Steelers...

    AB is this offense from a wr point of view. We'll lose every game with out Ben too, I don't think we have a QB capable.

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