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Even with Leftwich stinking up the joint, we could have won that game with the proper play calling. There was zero creativity and once the running game got going in the second half, we didn't use it at key, critical, moments!

This game mystifies me!

Is Batch hurt?.....Why didn't hwe go in when Lefty was clearly hurt and ineffectual?

Why didn't we use the run once it started being successful?

Why didn't Mendy try to get out of bounds?

Why did Lefty keep throwing the ball over the middle in the 2:00 minute drill?

Why doesn't Wallace fight for the ball?
1. I think Tomlin wanted to show Lefty that he has confidence in him...maybe? Or he wanted to Leftwich to finish "his" game? IDK honestly. That's all I can think of. As far as I have heard, Batch is healthy.

2. No clue. I was screaming for more Dwyer.

3. It looked like he thought he could get more out of the play with his speed. Nevertheless, he should know to get out of bounds ASAP in that situation.

4. Again, no clue.

5. He is timid, weak minded, and has zero heart. I thought he would have a big contract year at least...guess not. Is it possible to clone Hines Ward?