Since the Steelers play tonight and it's yet another freakin Sunday with no Steelers football in the afternoon here are some games to keep an eye on today that can and will affect the Steelers playoff positioning. The Bengals and Chiefs is the first game at 1. The Bengals are 4-5 and the Steelers currently still have a 2 game lead on them for a wildcard spot and own the head to head tiebraker. Hopefully the Chiefs being at home and being so close to getting a win last week here against the Steelers can pull a win off. The Steelers got a little bit of help on Thursday night when the Bills beat the Dolphins and sent them to their 3rd straight loss. Both of those teams if anybody is looking are now 4-6 so the Steelers are still pretty comfortable in their lead over them.

The other two games to keep an eye on are at 4 o clock with the Patriots and Colts and Broncos and Chargers. Now either way here whichever team loses these games the Steelers are going to get help. If both the Colts and Chargers lose it will continue to help the Steelers wildcard chances by putting them 2 or 3 more games up on San Diego and at least 1 game up on the Colts for the first wildcard spot. If both or one of the Broncos or Patriots loses and the Steelers win tonight it will help their chances in terms of getting that bye week in the playoffs since both teams are currently 6-3 and have the same record as the Steelers. I gotta say I am glad tonight is the last primetime night game for the Steelers and that 4 of the last 6 games after today start at 1 o clock with the other 2 starting at 4:25. But overall keep an eye on those 3 games today because they will end up affecting the Steelers the most in terms of the playoff picture.