Steelers fans aren't expecting much, but I think there is hope for the Steelers on Sunday night. Remember the Denver playoff game - not not last year's. During the 2005-6 Super Bowl season, a young Ben Roethlisberger went in to the game with everyone thinking he would mostly be handing off to Bettis. The Steelers came out throwing and led 24-3 at the half. That is the kind of game plan the Steelers need this week.

Leftwich should go deep to Wallace early in the game when the Ravens are loading up against the run. He's got the gun. Max protect, play fake, two receiver pattern...deep to Wallace.

Then, to keep up the time of possession domination, the Steelers could bring in Charlie Batch for the short and intermediate passing game. I don't think they will, but he is more proven with the decision making and quick throws.

Finally, I think the Steelers need to use multiple RBs on a variety of plays (after passing for a lead). Keep the Ravens guessing.

Anyway, just a few quick thoughts.