I know the Steelers have plenty of questions to still answer the rest of the season not knowing when Ben will come back but with all that being said with a win tomorrow night over the Ravens the Steelers will be back in 1st place with the head to head tiebraker in hand and can start to really focus on positioning themselves to get one of those bye weeks over the Patriots or Broncos. I for one believe Ben is going to come back at some point in December so the Steelers I believe are going to have a chance if they win this game tomorrow night to not only win this division but also get a bye week and a number 2 seed in the playoffs. This is such a huge huge swing game in the standings for both the Steelers and the Ravens. If the Ravens do end up winning this game they will be virtually 3 games up on the Steelers being 8-2 to the Steelers 6-4 if you factor in them having the head to head tiebraker. Where as if the Steelers win they would have the same record as the Ravens at 7-3 and own the edge with the head to head tiebraker and would be in first place come Monday morning.

This game I believe is a MUST for the Steelers to win if they want to win this division. You gotta take care of the Ravens in your own stadium plain and simple. Plus, beating the Ravens without Ben playing will put a lot of doubt in the Ravens minds as to whether they can beat the Steelers at all which will give them something to think about when they meet the Steelers in Baltimore in a few weeks with guys like Ben,Brown,and Troy possibly all being back. It's a huge huge game and it's a game that will ultimately decide I believe whether the Steelers will still have a legit chance to win this division or not.