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Thread: Big cloud! What's the silver lining?

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    Big cloud! What's the silver lining?

    Although the Vegas odds went from -5 to +3 1/2 (an 8 1/2 point swing due to Ben being out), I see a potential silver lining......only because I am tried of being scared shitless by Lefty.

    Since this game is at home, we can possibly win it with the 12th man and Ben could be back in a couple weeks for the next key game with the Ravens.

    Other than the other key game with the Ravens we have a pretty nice schedule until we can get more healthy in time for the playoffs:

    Browns away
    Chargers at home
    Cowboys away
    Bengals at home
    Browns at home

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    Silver lining is at least somewhat evident now as opposed to earlier in the year.

    Defense is playing well
    Running game is starting to pick up
    OL is staying healthy and getting better each week
    Heath is having a great year
    Mostly favorable schedule the rest of the way out.

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    none of those games are gimmies.

    Steeler fans drive me ****ing sick, I wonder how many thought the Chiefs was going to be a blow in the park.

    Take each week one game at a time and devote your ****ing effort to that entire week.

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    Like the Ravens game... Ravens 9 KC 6 focus on that game that week...

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