Sounds funny but it's true as I'm sure most know by now if they didn't already. Heath was originally going to play QB for Virginia and did complete one pass in college before changing to TE in his redshirt freshman year. In the past it was always Hines Ward as the emergency QB, or Antwaan Randle El.

Byron Leftwich is the starter, Charlie Batch will be the backup and the 3rd QB is Heath as of now. Currently there are no QB's on the Steelers practice squad, so it's possible they could bring back Jerrod Johnson if they want. Or another veteran but that would mean cutting someone, which isn't something they want to do I'm sure.

To my knowledge, Johnson was not picked up by anyone.

Anyway, Heath came pretty close to taking snaps in that KC game. If Bryon would have gone down, Miller Time would have been taking snaps. So do the Steelers play with fire potentially and not bring in anyone else for the time being, or do would you rather they sign another?