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Thread: Do we trust Leftwich?

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    Sign Kafca release Lefty

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    Do we trust Leftwich?

    Quote Originally Posted by coldrolled View Post
    Sign Kafca release Lefty
    Please, I'm over Leftwich...

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    Lefty may be on his way out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Real Deal Steel View Post
    Tarlsqtr..your an ***.

    Lefty knew the extent of his injury to the point of weather he could perform or not. Lefty knew. Obviously he wanted to stay out there and play. To the detriment of the team. It is up to Tomlin to determine his capabilities, inspite of what Lefty says so he can make the best decision for the team in regard to the outcome of the game.
    Thanks for finally admitting you were wrong and agreeing with me. What you originally said:
    There is no doubt that Lefty downplayed his injury to the detriment of the team.
    The obvious implication is that Lefty did not share the extent of his injury with Tomlin and it is Lefty's fault he was left in the game, in spite of the overwhelming visual evidence that he was not right. You NOW agree with me that it is Tomlin's responsibility, sounding the bugle retreat, as you are wont to do, when superior evidence overcomes your ridiculous assertions.
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