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Thread: Ratbirds vs Steelers predictions

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    Got to take off my black and gold glasses for a few way we win this game without Ben, Leftwich will have at least 2 fumbles/interceptions and I predict our defense is going to revert back to Raiders/Titans type of game play. I'm wondering how many huge passing interference penalties Ike is going to rack up Sunday night......ughhhh

    Ravens 28
    Steelers 17

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    Quote Originally Posted by LevonKirkland99 View Post
    I cant take all this doom and gloom here. I guess you are predicting for the ravens to plant the Flag at Heinz field?

    I am not optimistic either, but ...Steelers 23 - Ratbirds 17

    Chin up steeler fans, wow
    I'm amazed at all the pessimism on here. I get it, but man. This is Steelers Ravens. Last year doesn't mean anything. This year both teams have major injuries as issues, but even without Ben, this is gonna come down to who wins it in the 4th quarter. Ravens aren't running away with anything, especially on your field. I'd be majorly surprised if that happened. If anything, the added hype and adrenaline that hits the rest of the team, knowing they have to step up in Bens absence, has me worried. We have not stopped the run well AT ALL. last week ngata gt a week off, so hopefully he's recovered, but still. War if attrition. Gonna be a battle.

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    Steelers 12, Rotwings 6. All FG battle.

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    I'll say Steelers 23 Ravens 10. The Ravens look lost on the road. Leftwich passes the Steelers into the lead, and the running game (and defense) takes over after that. Flacco has the "lost boy" face by the third quarter...

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    Rats 13-9
    The Tradition Continues!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdurity View Post
    Flacco has the "lost boy" face by the third quarter...
    And Lefty has the "Wachoo talkin 'bout, Willis" face by the opening kickoff. Then again, he always has that face. ;-)

    Steelers 24, Ratbirds 17 with a very efficient but unspectacular Lefty performance.

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