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Here's how to win this game:

1. We have to come out playing with urgency. When was the last time you saw this team play with some real urgency?

2. We have to stop the run and make Flacco have to carry the offense.

3. We have to put pressure on Flacco and make him move around and not just stand there going thru his progressions. If we can get that push up the middle of the pocket, we can make Flacco move around and show the cornball he really is and throw his interception to the safety like he normally does.

4. We need to have one trick play in this game at the appropriate time. Again, we need to do this because we neeeeeeed this win in a big way. And if this play is done at the opportune time, it could win the game.

These are the 4 things we need to do to pull this one out.
Agree on all 4 points......I would also say field position is going to be real important in this game....Special teams must give Lefty a short field to work with or finally have a TD return not called back due to penalty........

Make Flaccid beat you is the most important like you mentioned....If Ray Rice goes ape **** then the Steelers will have no chance......