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Thread: Ben or no Ben that was some terrible offense tonight

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    Ben or no Ben that was some terrible offense tonight

    Credit the Chiefs, they were playing inspired, desperate football. They sold out to stop the run and for the most part they were successful. Mike Wallace was invisible after that TD catch, Sanders dropped some but had the big first down late in the game. Cotchery wasn't looked too very often.

    Leftwich gets very few snaps during the week but they continued to try and throw because the Chiefs were selling out to stop the run. He was clearly rusty.

    The max protect schemes were terrible, Ben and Lefty were under a lot of pressure and consequently no one was getting open either. Hell they couldn't even block a 3 man rush a few times.

    It was ugly, damn ugly but it's a win.

    Ben 9/18 for 84 yds, 1 TD. 3 near interceptions too on underthrown passes.
    Leftwich 7/14 73 yds.

    Dwyer - 19 rushes 56 yds
    Redman - 8 rushes 21 yds

    Heath 4 catches 47 yds
    Sanders 2 catches 30 yds
    Wallace 3 catches 14 yds 1 TD.
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