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Thread: Backup QB In This Years Draft Class!!!???!!!

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    Zac Dysert is from ADA ohio that's right near Findlay we have had good luck with young QB'S from this area plusw he's on track to break ben's college records he's probably a 3rd rd 'er

    P.S lefty is accurate but he has no touch on his throws they are all 200 miles per hour he's better in the down field passing game but our pass blocking won't be good enough.I predict that he will be hurt by halftime and batch will have to mop up if we can't run if we can run well we will win the game
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    Quote Originally Posted by cbrunn View Post
    No Thanks ... This year is to good on the Defensive side of the ball ... QB class is meh ... so you want to spend a top 1st 2nd or 3rd round pick on a QB?? ... no thanks

    Sign a veteran backup ... Ben still has like 5+ years left ... it's way to early to spend that early of a pick on a QB yet
    I understand all that yes i do too feel the qb class down. I want them to sign a veteran backup too but not some old guy, Ben i dont know if he has 5 years left after the news today that worries me a little. But no im not saying spend a 1,2,3 round on a qb yet but we need to start thinking of drafting one or some. Maybe a 4th round but i dont see nothing wrong with a 2nd or 3rd round because drafting there hes not gonna start.

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