With the injury to Ben tonight i think its time we draft a back up. Not a guy in the 5,6,7th rounds. Take one a little higher some of the names i came up with are; i want you guys to let me know about any of these if we would take them or what??!! In No Order!!

1. EJ Manuel: SR; Florida State: 6'4-240. Has 2,641 passing yards with 19 Touchdowns and 5 Interceptions.

2. Tyler Bray: JR; Tennessee: 6'5-215. Has 3,216 passing yards with 29 Touchdowns and 10 Interceptions.

3. Aaron Murray: JR; Georgia: 6'1-212. Has 2,656 passing yards with 24 Touchdowns and 7 Interceptions.

4. Ryan Nassib: rSR; Syracuse: 6'2-228. Has 3,019 passing yards with 21 Touchdowns and 8 Interceptions.

5. Zac Dysert: rSR; Miami-Ohio: 6'3-228. Has 2,922 passing yards with 22 Touchdowns and 11 Interceptions.

6. Mike Glennon: rSR; North Carolina State: 6'5-232. Has 2,910 passing yards with 22 Touchdowns 13 Interceptions.