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But if you're dead set on taking a certain position and all the top talent from that position is gone then you're reaching. I don't like that at all. The Steelers did that in 1999 in the first round with Troy Edwards. They needed a WR and were dead set on drafting one and they reached. When they could have traded down to get more picks and still draft Troy Edwards.

I think the Steelers need a pass rusher at OLB. But say if all the top guys are gone then drafting say an Adam Carriker would be wise or a top Olineman.
Troy Edwards a was major reach, so was other players like for example Scott Shields too. We took him in Round 2 I believe and he was a bust but Cowher thought he was a great guy so he snagged him. If you absolutely have to have a certain position because you need it, then you have to find a way to get one of the guys you want whether that means trading up like we did for Polamalu because you know he's pretty much a sure thing, but that usually on works on day 1 and even then that's not guaranteed. So you're other option is wait for another less sure prospect to drop into a later round and then see what you can get in the FA market. Reaching for players is a major risk in most any round because you really never know but that's why teams have so many guys going around and scouting college players all the time to try and get that edge.