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Thread: Is Andy Reid the victim?

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    looking back on Vick's NFL stats through his career...he's always had a problem holding onto the ball

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stone View Post
    I disagree......I used to watch him and ask myself if I would want him on the team I root for and I could never say yes because he was exciting as hell but he couldn't beat good, physical, defenses and he could beat good teams.

    When he was "exciting" in Atlanta, you have to keep in mind he didn't play too many great teams, the NFC back then was a powder puff conference.

    I'd be curious to see his record against playoff teams, winning teams, AFC playoff teams, etc.
    LOL i remember the NFC being so **** until about 2009.

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    Vick was never any good as a passer.

    To date, Vick has only passed for over 60 percent once in his career and that was the season he took over when Kolb got hurt. In today's NFL, it's "normal" for a good QB to be at least a 60% passer.

    Everyone was (is) so enamoured with his running abilities that he never really became a passer. Reid got enamored with Vick after the game against the Redskins win Vick accounted for 5 TD's in a bunch of various ways. That was fool's gold.

    Running QB's don't win championships. Steve Young learned how to pass and check down to the third option in the passing tree. Young had one of the highest passing percentages ever. And even he just won one Championship.

    But pure running QB's like Vick, Newton, etc. won't win jack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big T View Post
    Michael Vick was a running back playing QB in Atlanta. He shattered the mold of the NFL QB and that's why he was exciting and a big seller. He had one season throwing for over 2500 yards in ATL and never threw 3000. 2010 was his best season as a pro, going over 3000 yards and throwing 21 TDs to 6 INTs. That was the first time he looked like he could actually throw a football. Last season he reverted back to his inconsistent play and turnovers, and he's gotten worse. Vick was great in 2010, he really was. That's why he got his contract. Anyone who just watches highlights would think that it's all Vick's fault, but it's not. He's obviously done a poor job holding on to the football, but that offensive line is the absolute worst in the NFL. They aren't giving him a shot. Not to mention that defense full of talent is putrid. Offensive line issues, defensive issues, coaching issues... That's on Andy Reid, not Vick.

    "Just how immoral is the NFL?"... Pretty ridiculous question all around if I'm being completely honest.
    But how do I know if you are being completely honest?

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    Reid should have left when McNabb was dealt. He's stale and repeats himself about
    "Doing a better job" constantly during his presser's. 14 years! of saying "I gotta do
    a better job" would have gotten countless people fired for ineptitude. LOL,I thought
    Cowher was pushing it. LOL. The Eagles need to clean house after this season from
    top to bottom with a fresh new GM/Coach/Staff/Players etc... Culture change is due....

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