With all this talk about Andy Reid being the most over-rated coach, lost his mind, etc........ you have to ask just how deep the Vick reconstruction project goes in the NFL.

To my knowledge, there has never been another "bad guy" in the NFL who was taken on by the NFL as a reclamation project. Vick was coddled and mentored, babysat, favored, and forgiven. Tony Dungee was paid to mentor Vick and make sure he got back in to the NFL with an improved image. SINCE WHEN IS THE NFL IN THE BUSINESS OF MAKING SURE A CRIMINAL GETS BACK TO THE NFL WITH AN IMPROVED IMAGE? NOBODY WAS PAID TO WATCH OVER RAY LEWIS!

Vick was never a good QB yet he was hand carried back to the door of stardom.....why? And how deep is this bull ****....why was Vick given an elite contract in the NFL when he has never been good....let alone elite? Does Andy Reid play Vick because it would be a CLM (Career Limiting Move) to bench the NFL poster child? It's like firing the company owners nephew......you're phukt!

We know Andy Reid messed around with McNaab who was another highly over-rated QB but he was at least good enough to make people wonder, Vick has never been any more than an "exciting seat filler".

Just how immoral is the NFL?