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Thread: The Steelers get a lot of help today to improve their playoff positioning...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Real Deal Steel View Post
    I agree. No more Denver trips.
    The Steelers are going to have to have one more win then the Broncos when it comes to getting a better seed then them in order to get a bye week and avoid going to Denver because the Broncos own the head to head tiebraker because of the win on opening night. That looms large right now and you are absolutely right when you say you dont want to have to go play another playoff game in Denver because if you do it means no Ryan Clark and that is a huge huge blow to the Steelers chances in that game if that should happen once again...

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    Steelers are a much different team now than they were 10 weeks ago. Will Allen (SO FAR) has done pretty well on "D".

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