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Thread: Sunday afternoon game talk

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    I hate both the Raiders and the Giants.

    I am enjoying watching 2 of our division teams beat them mercilessly.

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    Like other NFL QB's arms are not tired Jaws?....How about 2008 when Ben played most of the year with a slight separation in his throwing shoulder which clearly effected the velocity on his throws......I swear some of the excuses made for some QB's just crack me But nobody ever gives Ben the benefit of the

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    Replay Review - You Are Kidding Me . . .

    I am watching the Bears and Texans. The replay officials just reviewed the throw by Cutler to see if he was past the line of scrimmage in completion of a forward pass. The announcers just stated that the replay officials did not have the benefit of the computer generated first down and scrimmage lines. I was floored -

    The league goes through all of this trouble to analyze each replay frame by frame but yet includes no digitally enhanced replays? I ask then what it is the point if they want to make the call as accurately as possible. That is totally stupid. Really totally stupid. Beyond totally stupid. As a result, my beer drinking, armchair coaching self has a better view of the replay than the guys supposedly making the call? And that helmet to helmet was not a penalty because . . .

    I just don't get the NFL rules. It is like politics. Make some general rules that seem to be serviceable, just interpret them to suit your needs. Frustrating . . .

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