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Thread: How realistic a chance does Roethlisberger have at MVP?

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    How realistic a chance does Roethlisberger have at MVP?

    I was nosing around Sulia and other sites and came across Ed Bouchette's article today about Big Ben having a realistic shot at the league MVP this season.

    Ed points out a few reasons in his blog that Ben will or should at least be in the discussion:

    His competition will come from the usual sources, quarterbacks Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan and Tom Brady. But with three comeback victories in the fourth quarter, a 101.1 passer rating, a new offense and fewer interceptions than all the other named, he should be right there in the discussion.
    --- Roethlisberger also is the most efficient quarterback on third down with a passer rating of 121.2. Brady is next with 110.2. Seven of Roethlisberger’s 16 touchdown passes have come on third down.
    Plus his sacks are down this year, averaging just about 2 per game. I'll take those numbers any year regardless of whether he wins or not.

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    depends on how he looks in the next four games: The Steelers play two prime time games (KC then Bal) and another game of the week game (Bal) if the Steelers but up 30+ and each of those games, and Ben throw for 300+ and multiple TD, he may have a chance. But if the Steelers lost ANY of those games or Ben don't look good in those games, he has NO SHOT at league MVP

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    Does his play justify it? Absolutely!

    Will he be considered if his play continues? Probably not! He is not the polished passer that the experts want to see. He is a workman, "whatever it takes" type of guy.

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    I agree with Greg. But if Peyton continues at the same pace or the Falcons go 15-1 he also doesn't have a chance.
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    If our play continues to get better, I think Ben can win it. But beating the Ravens in two weeks will be a real pivitol point in him possibly winning it.

    If we can get the win against the Chiefs, come out the game relatively injury free, then we'll be primed to beat the Ratbirds and then Ben and the team will be thrust into the we like it or not.
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    I dont see it happening no matter what Ben does. Like Stone said, Ben is not the type of passer those that vote want to see.

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    I know in Pennsylvania he's still worshipped, but outside, he's kinda still hated. Living in Indiana, when I wear my Steelers gear, I am amazed how EVERY TIME I wear my gear someone will say "I like you team (respect your team, don't mind them, etc) but I hate Roethlisberger." It literally happens to me almost every time I go out in my black and yellow.

    Point being, no, I don't think he'll win MVP. Too many people still dislike him over his off-the-field actions.
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    League MVP not too much of a chance due to people's perception of him. However, I think he could be a Super Bowl MVP. Time and wins will tell.

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    Did someone say something about dumping Haley?

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    I would love for him to be in the mix for MVP but all I hear about is Matt Ryan right now. Probably since the Falcons are still undefeated...

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