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Thread: Redman or Dwyer?

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    “Rashard is the complete package -- power, speed, explosiveness,” Wilson said. “He is the guy who can take a 10-yard run and make people miss and get 20 more. We think Jonathan has things that he is great at. Isaac has some things that he is great at. But Rashard is the complete package. Rashard has proved that he can do it over the long haul.”
    Sure sounds a lot like me doesn't it? Lol. Hey Real Deal Steel, not to get this whole ordeal started up again, but do you remember what you've always said? I can't remember exactly what you've said but it was something along the lines of the coaches know more than we do and their words/actions will show who's ultimately right/wrong in a lot of our debates...

    I mean, I feel like Kirby Wilson knows more about our RBs than you and I combined. Wouldn't you agree?
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