Looking at these 2 teams, this matchup might not be as one sided as some think. Pittsburgh has a tendancy to play down to an opponent's level and at times, allow an inferior opponent to "hang around" (Oakland, Tennessee). By the numbers, with the exception of one glaring stat, this game should be a better match up than some might expect:

Steelers: Run - 104.9 (21) Pass - 262.4 (10) PPG - 23.9
Chiefs: Run - 149.9 (3) Pass - 207.6 (25) PPG - 16.6

Steelers: Run - 88.6 (7) Pass - 174 (1) PPG - 20.5
Chiefs: Run - 126 (22) Pass - 221.5 (13) PPG - 30

I believe the key to this game is simply contain Charles, don't allow any splash plays, and play / coach to win.

Not trying to make more of this than necessary, but it is clearly a game that the Steelers could overlook with Baltimore up next. Let's hope this is over by halftime and for once, we can enjoy a Steelers victory without having to sit by a defibrilator.